Knicks Leave the Triangle Offense


After 3 years of implementing a triangle offense hoping to propel the team in Phil Jackson’s point of view, the Knicks have decided to do away with it and go a different direction. Now that the Jackson is out of the picture, it makes little to no sense to continue running an offense that brought more negative than positive to the Knicks. Change of culture may be good for the team that’s looking for a fresh start after a tumultuous 3 years filled with drama and questionable decisions made by the front office. Now we shift the attention to the coach, Jeff Hornacek, who will input his own offensive strategy with no restriction.

Given his history, Hornacek, prefers a free flowing offense, which gives the players a little more room to create and make decisions on their own. During his time with the Phoenix Suns he was able to get the most out of his players by using there strengths giving them freedom to just play their own game. The front court players usually start by the elbow area and either start with a double screen up top, or one of 4 or 5 spot gets the ball to run a play in motion to space out the floor. As that is happening there’s action on the baseline where guards come off screens down low to pop out for a shot leaving the post area clear making it easier to attack the rim. During the 2013-2014 season Hornacek took that team and won a surprising 48 games.

Tim Hardaway Jr., Kristaps Porzingis and Frank Ntilikina hope to return the Knicks to winning ways. Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Pottheiser/NBA/Getty Images

Now with the Knicks, scoring will not come easy as the team is in rebuild mode. Playing a fast-paced style of basketball creates more opportunities to get out on the break and get shots up before teams can set their defense. The ball movement and cutting is the main competent in Hornacek’s offense, finding the best shot possible. With Carmelo being traded to Oklahoma City, the team is centered around Kristaps Porziņģis who has limitless potential. This type of offense actually suits the 7- footer’s style of play, as he is agile, quick, and athletic to stay on the court as well as his natural scoring ability. Having Porzingis will absolutely give defenses nightmares on a consistent basis, this might be a career year for the Unicorn.

The Knicks are in rebuild mode, one of the more important goals is to develop the young players and mold them into integral pieces. With Jeff Hornacek’s offense, it will help young players have more of an opportunity to play freely and establish a comfort zone. New York fans embrace yourself for a fast paced style of basketball at the Garden.

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