Carmelo Anthony: Staying or Leaving?

Will Carmelo stay with New York or will he leave seems to be one of the hot topics this off season. With so much drama surrounding the Knicks franchise over the last few months it’s hard to stay focused and concentrate on what’s really important. Year after year it seems as if the Knicks fall deeper and deeper into the NBA abyss. Initially, New York fans thought the hiring of Phil Jackson would be the catalyst for a turnaround for the franchise. As the losses mounted the blame got put on Carmelo Anthony, as expected. Phil Jackson tried to do everything in his power to implement the infamous Triangle offense. The offense that Jackson won 11 championships during his tenure with the Bulls and Lakers respectively. The players didn’t take well to the “prehistoric ” offense.

Trying to mask the real issues are only hurting the Knicks franchise. Throughout these grueling years of disappointment for Knick fans the one thing that remained constant was the owner James Dolan. If they want to truly rebuild that franchise from the ground up they will have to get rid of Dolan ASAP!

Getting rid of Jackson will not solve the real issue. Dolan needs to be relieved ASAP! Photo courtesy of

Carmelo has remained cool, calm and collected throughout the entire time, using discretion when discussing his next moves. Carmelo having the no trade clause in his contract was key because it gave him all the power. Now he would be able to call the shots and decide where he would end up. A few months ago Carmelo finally spoke about the situation and stated that he would lift the no trade clause, but only if the situation was right. The Houston Rockets were said to be front runners for Carmelo’s services, but things have gotten really quiet on the trade front as of late.

Anthony should to go to Cleveland if he wants a shot at winning a ring. Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report

After the firing of Phil Jackson the Knicks hopeful had notions that the problem was solved and they could go back to the drawing board and get things in order moving forward. This seems like wishful thinking. The Rockets and the Cavs are quietly trying to put something together that would entice Anthony and the Knicks front office to make a move. Anthony remains quiet and focuses on what he does best, play basketball. He’s been working out diligently and keeping himself out of the media spotlight.  This summer he’s been in the gym working on his game.  Sporting the hoody while playing he’s taken on an alter ego of  “Hoody Melo”, who can’t be stopped while in stealth mode.

Only time will tell whether Melo will remain in New York or head out of town for a championship contender. If he wants to win now, his bags should already be packed and ready to head out to Cleveland. Heading back to the western conference would not guarantee a visit to the championship as the mighty Warriors are still the favorites. Melo for Love would be a logical trade, but it seems as if the Knicks want more in the deal. We’ll see what happens as the Carmelo trade story is still developing.