4th Quarter Assassin


He was the last player selected in the 2011 NBA draft.  He’s the shortest player in the league.  Isaiah Thomas didn’t let those things discourage him.  At 5’9 it seems as if Thomas has to work twice as hard to get off his shot.  He’s not supposed to be killing like this.  He’s not only been a scoring machine for the Celtics, he’s been the glue guy for his team down the stretch and late in games.  He holds the group together and motivates them to work to their fullest potential.  Boston, now sitting in 2nd place in the Eastern Conference owes it all to Thomas.  He’s been shredding defenses all over the league and averages a very impressive 30 points and 6 dimes per game. The most impressive part of that stat line is the fact that Thomas leads the league in 4th Quarter points with 10.5 points per game in the final period.  The 4th Quarter is where players earn their stripes and this is where Thomas has been causing havoc for the opposition.  I like to call this “money time” because that’s where star players earn their money, and Isaiah Thomas is a Star.  Although all the attention has been on Westbrook and Harden, Isaiah Thomas has made himself into a legit MVP candidate. 

Not selected to start in this years All Star Game is a slap in the face.  This is almost as bad as Westbrook not being selected even after averaging a triple double.  Look forward to Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics to make a run after the break and make a respectable attempt at a title.  It will be a tough task ahead with the defending champion Cleveland Cavs in their way.  Lebron James and the cavs are looking to repeat this year and most certainly will face off with Boston at some point.  With everybody healthy the Celtics are probably the most dangerous team in the league.  They have one of the best clutch players in the league in Thomas and all they need to do is stay within striking distance to make something happen.  It will be exciting watching how the playoffs will come together.  Every team fighting tooth and nail to get that much closer to a championship.

Isaiah Thomas looks like he has found a home in Boston.  He had been moving around early in his career but has finally landed at a place he can call home.  The Celtics best offensive scheme is to hand Thomas the ball and clear it out.  Simple.  Great for the fans but not so great for the guy guarding him.  Can’t wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.  Look for Boston to come out strong the second half of the season with Thomas leading the charge.  They have plenty to be excited for in Boston.  After all, the Patriots just won the NFL championship and the Celtics aim to do the same in their respective sport.

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